Pellowah Healing: “Wow Is one word. I really feel like I am shining like a diamond inside and out. Grounded and sense of being free My vibrational energy has increased. And I know it’s about what makes me happy not everyone else” – Melbourne, 2017


Sekhem Workshop 2017: “Recently completed the Sekhem Workshop and it was an incredible experience which I am very grateful to have shared. Upon meeting Gamal, I was welcomed by his kind-hearted energy. He is a patient, understanding teacher with a wealth of spiritual knowledge and pure essence of passion. During the workshop, I experienced an intense depth of meditation from the very first initiation. My hands were burning (despite the rain pouring outside and it being very cold) and a high level of connection and sensitivity to energies flowed through me. I highly recommend this Sekhem Workshop to any one who feels drawn to it, especially if you feel connected with Ancient Egypt”

Zoe Sculpher

Pellowah Healing: “My Pellowah session was great! I felt pretty relax after the session and my mind was still somewhere else. Everything around me looked so different, in a gold way. I felt relax and my mind was opened. The next following days, I was pretty overwhelmed with all the things that worried me. It wasn’t easy because I kept thinking about how to deal with my problems. But Gamal helped me a lot with my session and I had the courage to talk about things that I was scared of for a long time. Thank you Gamal for keeping in touch with me even after the session, thank you for giving me advises and support after seeing you!”


Reiki and Sekhem Healings: “Gamal is an amazing practitioner. I have gone to several Reiki practitioner before and none of them had so much of an effect as Gamal did. I could feel his hands getting hotter and hotter during the session and almost immediately afterwards my mood was lifted and I felt like I had more energy.”

Pellowah Healing: “He also gave me the first experience with Pellowah. I was not sure what to expect but I was going through a rough time and he managed to calm my frazzled soul and made me feel more grounded again internally. A few days later, I have even gotten a few insights on what I should do with my life. Really positive experience with Gamal. Thank you so much.”


Pellowah Healing: “I was given a Pellowah treatment, and during the healing it was like all my worries and problems were gone. I felt like I was given the answers of all of them. Amazing” 


“Excellent work, I feel full of harmony and inner peace”

Giovanny Jerez

Sekhem Healing: “Amazing Work! I have received a healing session and I was very satisfied, thanks a lot. Happy with the advices given!!!! “

Zamir Paez