In this theoretical-practical workshop you can learn the healing technique with numerical codes and the regression of past lives that give you access to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing on another level. During this workshop, you can understand and learn these healing techniques, their use, and practice with other group members. This workshop is taught by Dr. Gamal Páez, who is a surgeon with experience in energy therapies and who is a REIKI-SEKHEM-PELLOWAH Master from Australia and Colombia. At the end of the day a certificate of participation will be given upon completion of this energy healing course. .




1. What are the of «Sacred Codes»?

2. The language of the Universe and the Sacred Codes

3. Applicability of the Sacred Codes

3. How to use the Codes

4. Using the Sacred Codes for self-healing

5. Using Sacred Codes to heal others

6. Energetic Initiations to facilitate the use of Sacred Codes

7. What are past lives?

8. What are the Akashic Records?

9. Accessing the Akashic Records

10. The Energetic Healing of Past Lives with Sacred Codes

11. Initiations to facilitate the Healing of Past Lives and accessing the Akashic Records.

12. Healing practices with other members of the group

13. Certification of Participation for Healing with Sacred Codes and Past Lives


At the end of the workshop, you will be able to heal with Sacred Codes and healing Past Lives via the Akashic Records in an easy and faster way after receiving the respective Energetic Initiations by Dr. Gamal Paez. This will help you to open more to energy by activating the Pineal Gland which will allow participants to heal in a higher vibrational level raising their consciousness of energy and general energetic body vibration. No requirements are needed to participate in this workshop. If you have any previous experience with any type of energy healing, it will be much easier for you to integrate the teachings and healing with the codes and past lives.