What you’ll learn


This course is designed for all those who want to learn the ANCIENT EGYPTIAN REIKI, an ancient healing system that uses the channeling of universal energy as a healing method.

  • This course will also provide the respective INITIATION or ATTUNEMENT process for initiating with the EGYPTIAN REIKI so that people can start healing at a practitioner level through teacher guided meditation. Like
  • This course teaches the foundations of healing with the EGYPTIAN REIKI and also the historical, religious, philosophical, cosmogonic, symbology and spiritual components that are the context to learn so that people can use this ancient healing system as an alternative and complementary therapy.




    Lesson #1: Energy and Vibration

    • Lesson #1: Energy and Vibration
    • Learning the main concepts of Energy & Vibration

    Lesson # 2: The Elements of the human Being in Ancient Egypt

    • Lesson # 2: The Elements of the human Being in Ancient Egypt
    • Testing your knowledge of the soul’s elements according to Ancient Egyptias

    Lesson # 3: Life After Death in Ancient Egypt

    • Lesson # 3: Life After Death in Ancient Egypt
    • Testing your knowledge of Lesson # 3 – Life After Death in Ancient Egypt

    Lesson # 4: The Art of Healing in Ancient Egypt

    • Lesson # 4: The Art of Healing in Ancient Egypt
    • Testing your knowledge of healing and magic in Ancient Egyptian history
    • Ancient Egyptian Ritual

    Lesson # 5: Ancient Egyptian Cosmology

    • Lesson # 5: Ancient Egyptian Cosmology
    • Remembering the basic concepts of Ancient Egyptian Cosmology

    Lesson # 6: Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

    • Lesson # 6: Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
    • Know how much knowledge you have gained of Ancient Egyptian Gods history

    Lesson # 7: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Symbols

    • Lesson # 7: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Symbols
    • Testing you knowledge of hieroglyphs and Ancient Egyptian symbols
    • Egyptian Activation Symbol Meditation

    Lesson # 8: Egyptian Reiki in Modern Times

    • Lesson # 8: Egyptian Reiki in Modern Times
    • QUIZ of Egyptian Reiki in Modern Times

    Lesson # 9 : Becoming an Egyptian Reiki Practitioner

    • Lesson # 9 : Becoming an Egyptian Reiki Practitioner
    • Remembering the essential of becoming an Egyptian Reiki Practitioner

    Lesson # 10: Healing with Egyptian Reiki

    • Lesson # 10: Healing with Egyptian Reiki
    • Healing with Egyptian Reiki QUIZ

    Lesson # 11: The Philosophy of Egyptian Reiki

    Lesson # 12: Final Recommendations

    • Finding your purpose with the EGYPTIAN REIKI

    Lesson # 13: The beginning of a New Chapter

    Appendixes- Guide Meditations with EGYPTIAN REIKI

    • Chakra Activation Meditation with EGYPTIAN REIKI
    • Egyptian Reiki Balancing Meditation
    • Egyptian Reiki Heart Meditation
    • Egyptian Reiki Protection Meditation

    Ancient EGYPTIAN REIKI Heiling Certification

    • Certification of Ancient EGYPTIAN REIKI Heiling




    The present online course teaches the pillars of Energetic Healing of EGYPTIAN REIKI of Ancient Egyptians based on their ancestral knowledge of healing, magic and wisdom related to initiations of the elements of the soul and the concepts of human existence in the life after death”. In this course you will learn the theoretical principles of Ancient Egyptian HistoryCosmogony and Mythology, along with their way of thinking based on the historical records of their beginnings as a great civilisation “created” by first Egyptian GODS and GODDESSES. Students and participants will also have the opportunity to learn the channeling technique of the EGYPTIAN REIKI, which is an Energy Healing System that is based on the energetic activation of the “elements of the soul”, and the use of UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY with healing symbols for initiating into the healing practice of Ancient Egyptians. Participate in this short online course where you can immerse yourself in: Ancient Egyptian History & Cosmology; Initiations for channeling EGYPTIAN REIKI; meditations for balancing and symbols activation; energy healing protocols for establishing your own practice and much more. At the end, you will be able to receive a certificate of participation as an EGYPTIAN REIKI PRACTITIONER granted by the experienced DR. GAMAL PAEZ who is a recognised DOCTOR and SURGEON specialist in ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES and ENERGY HEALING modalities internationally.


    • “I did the Egyptian Reiki course in Brisbane With Gamal. I found his teachings to be absolutely beautiful coming from a heart that is al about service to others, radiating love and light like a diamond. His energy and his passion in teaching this course are second to none. I initially decided to take this class to add to the therapies that my clinic offers but found the wow factor missing from my life. Thank you Gamal for your precious energy and selfless giving! – Jess (Australia)”

    • “I completed the Egyptian Reiki Healing Workshop and it was an incredible experience which I am very grateful to have shared. Upon meeting Gamal, I was welcomed by his kind-hearted energy. He is a patient, understanding teacher with a wealth of spiritual knowledge and pure essence of passion. During the workshop, I experienced an intense depth of meditation from the very first initiation. My hands were burning (despite the rain pouring outside and it being very cold) and a high level of connection and sensitivity to energies flowed through me. I highly recommend this Workshop to any one who feels drawn to it, especially if you feel connected with Ancient Egypt”. – Sophie (Australia)”.

    • “The Egyptian Reiki weekend was a profound experience…I am drawing regularly on Egyptian Reiki in my daily life and actively using this with family and friends. There have been many synchronistic moments unfolding afterwards…» – Carmen (Australia).”
    • “I have had the pleasure of learning 2 healing modalities from Gamal and they have both been absolutely amazing experiences. I completed the Egyptian Reiki workshop in January and the DNA healing activation workshop a few days ago. I had never experienced a DNA healing and Egyptian Reiki before and all I can say is wow!! I feel stronger, calmer and so peaceful since my healing and it has completely changed my mindset and the way I react to things and situations. Gamal has the most beautiful energy and is a wonderful spiritual teacher with a wealth of knowledge which he is happy to share with his students. He is a truly beautiful soul and that comes through in all of his teachings and I have never felt such deep relaxation as I have experienced during his meditations and I am so grateful to have learned these healing techniques from him and I look forward to learning more in the future. Thank you Gamal» – Laura, Australia


    Who this course is for:

    • Therapists and professionals in the health area such as Physiotherapists, masseurs, doctors, nurses, occupational therapist, surgeons, psychologists, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, among others.
    • REIKI healers, practitioners or teachers
    • People with any professional field interested in the New Age, Metaphysics, Quantum Healing and Alternative Therapies