The Alternative Holistic Medicine consult has several steps in which the doctor who is a specialist in Alternative Therapies will talk to you about your inquire and explain step by step the treatment plan, procedures, and outcomes. Most of healing modalities may be done on distance from your home (Telemedicine / Virtual consults) or face-to-face in a professional medical treatment room for Alternative Therapies. Some of the most important steps in your consult are:

  • Client’s assessment:
    • First you will have a chat with the doctor/therapist about your health inquire or healing inquire and discuss the different healing modalities options, choosing a treatment plan that will accommodate to your therapeutic needs.
    • The client is inform about the different natural healing modalities and their benefits.
    • This part of the consultation also includes the gathering of information regarding important medical history and details relevant to clients’ complaints or ailments (emotional, mental and physical concerns).
    • All information is kept under a confidentiality agreement with the client.
    • Client signed an therapeutic healing consent with all these information and the healing agreement
  • Choosing the healing modality
    • This will be done according to the client’s needs, preferences and practitioner’s recommendation after initial assessment.
  • Healing session: 
    • On this step, the therapist will perform the therapy which will be explained and discuss with you step by step prior receiving it.
  • Post-session feedback:
    • The practitioner and client will discuss the experience after the session.
    • Both feedback from practitioner and client will be shared.
  • Follow up plan:
    • It includes the practitioner recommendations and ongoing support and counselling.
    • Discussion for booking of next appointment.
  • Recommendations:
    • On a distance healing, ensure to stay at a quiet room with access to internet. ConsulT will be done via digital platforms such as ZOOM or SKYPE.
    • Ensure to contact us prior booking and send copy of payment transaction or trasnfer with your full name and date of birth.
    • Remember that all the therapies modalities mentioned here are described as COMPLEMENTARY ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES which will not replace any type of conventional medical treatment. Any alternative healing modality will assist you with your own natural inner healing.
  • Total overall appointment duration: 60-90 minutes, depending of the type of healing modality

Choosing the healing modality

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM Consultation:
    • Includes pulse and Tongue diagnoses
    • 5 elements assessment and treatment with Acupuncture and Chinese Cupping
    • Duration: 60-90 minutes
    • Cost: $100 AUSD / $70 USD / $150.000 COP
  • Myotherapy
    • Advanced Muscular Physiotherapy
    • Includes treatment with dry needling muscle acupuncture,  cupping and myofascial release
    • Duration: 60-90 min
    • Cost: $100 AUSD / $70 USD / $150.000 COP
  • Flower Essences Consultation
    • This consultation will focused in the balancing and healing of your emotions with the help of traditional flower essences remedies (Bach Flower Essences, Orchids, and 2nd 3rd Generation Flower essences)
    • Cost: $50 AUSD / $35 USD / $50.000 COP
  • Energy Healing Therapies 
    • Modalities:
      • Traditional Japanese Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho)
      • Egyptian Reiki (Ancient Egyptian Healing)
      • Pellowah (DNA Activation and healing)
      • Sacred Codes Therapy (Healing with number codes)
      • Chakra Balancing and Aura Healing
      • ARBAH (Energy Field Transplant)
      • Past-Lives Therapy: Regression Therapy with Sacred Codes
    • Duration: 60-90 min
    • Cost: $100 AUSD / $70 USD / $150.000 COP
  • Distance Energy Healing Therapies 
    • Any of the previous mentioned energy healing modalities
    • Includes virtual assessment + consultation + treatment
    • Duration: 60-90 min
    • Investment: $100 AUSD / $70 USD / $150.000 COP
  • Energetic Readings 
    • Modalities:
      • Traditional Tarot Counselling
      • Angel Cards Oracles counselling
      • Numerology and Astrology advice
      • Chiromancy
      • Intuitive Energy Reading
      • Aura reading of the energy field
    • Duration: 45 min
    • Cost: $80 AUSD / 55 USD / $80.000 COP
  • Wellness Counselling  
    • Modalities:
      • Nutrition Counselling
      • Fitness and Weight Loss Counselling
      • Meditation Classes
    • Duration: 60 min
    • Cost: $100 Australian Dollars ($150.000 COP)


    • Choose any of the healing modalities or readings.
    • Distance healings and virtual consultations may be chosen.
    • Each treatment of 1 hour each.
    • Investment: $240 AUSD / $170 USD / $300.000 COP
  • Body-Energetic Healing Package
    • Myotherapy + Energy Healing
    • Duration: 1 Hr
    • Cost: $100 AUSD / $70 USD / $150.000 COP
  • Counselling & Energetic Healing Package 
    • 30 min of Energy Reading + 30 min of Energy Healing
    • Choose any modality
    • Duration: 1 Hr
    • Cost: $100 AUSD / $70 USD / $150.000 COP

Bookings, Inquires & Payments

  • Any therapy booking must be done via WhatsApp sending a message to the following contact number: (+57) 305 227 3759 . By clicking on it, you will be taken to the direct message page where you will be chatting with one of our staff members. 
  • For any payment, there is no a re-fund. If changes in appointment dates are required, ensure to contact us for re-booking a new date.
  • Ensure to make full payment prior the appointment (1 hour at least) as this is the only way to book you healing consult and therapy.
  • Payments of Alternative Holistic Medicine consultations and Therapies can be done via International Bank transfers or PayPal. All credit cards are accepted:
    • PayPal:
    • HSBC Australia:
      • Complete access account # 499714412
      • BSB: 343001
      • Address: 271 COLLINS ST, MELBOURNE VIC 3000, Australia
      • Account name holder: GAMAL PAEZ
    • Electronic Payment (Colombia and Worldwide):
    • Colombian Bank Account:
      • Bancolombia Cuenta de Ahorros (Savings Account) # 20617042078

Health Centres

BOGOTA D.C. (Colombia): Cl. 56 # 15 – 16, Chapinero, Bogotá D.C.

Av. 12 Este #32, Cúcuta, Norte de Santander


There is no refund according to our cancellations policies. If change of appointments dates are requires, please contact us and we will rebook your appointment. At least a 48 hrs notice must be given for any cancellation or changes to appointments. FULL FEE of consult will be incurred for changes & cancellations on the day of the appointment.