My background

My primary and secondary education started in Colombia in a catholic school. I grew up in a family where religion, moral and ethical values were the foundation of our daily lives. I followed my dad’s professional pathway and studied medicine in Universidad El Bosque which is a private medical school in Bogota D.C. During my career development as a doctor, I had the chance to practice medicine in different public and private hospitals which gave me the opportunity to grow in a humanistic and professional level. I had the chance to develop my skills in different medical departments such as general medicine, paediatrics, emergency, psychiatry, obstetrics, gynaecology, surgery and community health services. When treating patients, I learned the importance of the biopsychosocial medical approach which is the basis of my university philosophy.  This medical model refers to the biological, psychological and social factors as important aspects in human context of disease or illness. During this period of time of my life, I was also introduced to Buddhism and began my spiritual development learning from several Tibetan Buddhist traditions including the spiritual philosophy and meditation techniques. I learned from these teachings significant lessons for my practice as a doctor, such as the importance of patience and compassion towards others in order to understand their suffering and help them to heal their pain.

2015-01-13_13.32.21I have been in Australia for several years, but when I came for the first time as an exchange student during high school I was fascinated with the culture and lifestyle. Therefore, I made the decision of returning to complement my studies as a doctor and explore other career options related to healthcare. In the last couple of years I have been studying and working in several healthcare related careers such as Personal Training, Fitness, Nutrition, Massage Therapy. Myotherapy, Chinese Medicine and Business Management. I have also been trained in Reiki (Energy Healing) and Sekhem/Seichim (Egyptian «Reiki») which I use as alternative healing modalities for the treatment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual afflictions in a more holistic way.

To conclude with, I have come to integrate all of my experience and knowledge with the purpose of providing to my clients different tools and healing strategies that will help them to overcome physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles that are affecting the natural balance of their lives. I feel grateful to practice medicine as an alternative and holistic health practitioner focus on the many aspects that affect people’s lives. I am also thankful for having the chance of constantly learning from people’s experiences of illness and help them to find the best alternatives to heal. Finally, I I would like to share the following quote that one my university professors told me once: “Knowledge do not also come from books, but more importantly it comes from every patient and their experience of illness”.



Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Bogota, Colombia)
Reiki Practitioner level 1- level 2 (Melbourne, Aus), and Master Level (USA)
Sekhem/ Seichim (Egyptian) Healing level 1, 2 and Master/Teacher (Melbourne, Aus)
Pellowah Practitioner level 1 and level 2 (Melbourne, Aus)
Remedial Massage Therapy (Melbourne, Aus)
Myotherapy (Currently-Melb, Aus).
Fitness Instructor and Personal Training (Melbourne, Aus)
Sports Trainer (Melbourne, Aus)
First Aider level 1 and level 2 (Melbourne, Aus)
Certificate of Nutrition for health promotion and disease prevention (San Francisco, USA)
Certificate and Diploma of Business (Melbourne, Aus)

Association Membership

Colombian Minister of Health and Social Protection-Registered Physician
Massage Myotherapy Australia (Member and Therapist)
Australian Medical Council (under registration process)
Australian Reiki Connection (Member and Therapist)
Colombian General Physician Association (Member)
International Committee of the Red Cross
ABN 97117093013