My Professional Background

I was educated at a catholic school and grew up in a family of catholic tradition with high moral and ethical family values as the main foundations of our lives. Growing up with a father as a Physician specialised in Internal Medicine, I decided to follow my dad’s professional pathway and become a General Physician, completing my studies in 2011 at the Universidad El Bosque in Bogota D.C. (Colombia). During my career pathway as a doctor, I had the opportunity to practice the art of healing in different public and private hospitals, which gave me the opportunity to grow in a humanistic and professional level. I had the chance to develop my skills in different medical areas such as family medicine, paediatrics, emergency, psychiatry, obstetrics, gynaecology, surgery and community health services. When treating patients, I learned the importance of the biopsychosocial medical approach, which is the basis of my university philosophy and consists of treating individuals with a holistic approach.  This medical model refers to the biological, psychological and social factors as important aspects in the human context of disease or illness. During this period of time in my life, I was also introduced to Buddhism philosophy, and began exploring my spiritual path learning from traditional concepts of Tibetan Buddhism, such as the spiritual philosophy of reincarnation, the laws of karma, the impermanence concept of living and different types traditional buddhist meditation techniques. I acquired so much knowledge from these teachings, that I decided to continue my learning process in traditional spiritual philosophies from many cultures around the world and their impact on the concept of health in western medicine.

I lived in Australia for several years, where I was introduced into the field of Alternative Complementary Therapies. During those years I completed my studies in MYOTHERAPY, MASSAGE THERAPY and Energy Healing Therapies [EHT] such as REIKI, EGYPTIAN HEALING, PELLOWAH, and PAST LIVES THERAPY.  I was fascinated of the many benefits that these complementary therapies did for my clients and patients, and therefore I decided to travel through Asia and return to my home country Colombia so as to complete my studies in Traditional Alternative Therapies.

Back in my home country Colombia, I had the opportunity to embark on a new project of studying a Medical Specialised program in ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES, which includes the natural healing therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Sintergetic, Neural Therapy, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, and Aromatherapy, that surprisingly had already an important impact in the medical field of Alternative Medicines in the lives of many Colombians.

Since then, I continue with my professional path of an ALTERNATIVE HOLISTIC PHYSICIAN, practicing and integrating both traditional and conventional medicine with all of my experience and knowledge in the areas of complementary healing therapies. I commit to assist my patients and clients in their healing process with my different healing tools, alternative approaches and healing strategies that will help them to overcome physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances that are affecting their general wellbeing. Consequently, I feel grateful to practice Alternative and Complementary medicine, which recently I have been able to teach in seminars and workshops, and important aspect of my life by sharing the experience and knowledge gained in some many years to other healers and individuals like you seeking for rediscovering and healing the soul. Thank you and look forward meeting you !



  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Bogota D.C., Colombia)
  • Medical Specialist in Alternative Therapies – Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncturist (Bogota D.C., Colombia)
  • Myotherapist (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Remedial Massage Therapist (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Traditional Japanese Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Mater (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Egyptian Sekhem/ Seichim Master (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Pellowah DNA Activation Master (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Fitness Instructor and Personal Training (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Sports Trainer (Melbourne, Australia)
  • First Aider (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Certificate of Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease prevention (San Francisco, USA)
  • Certificate and Diploma of Business (Melbourne, Australia)

Association Membership

  • Colombian Minister of Health and Social Protection – Current Registered as General Physician & Surgeon and Specialist in Alternative Therapies
  • Massage Myotherapy Australia (Member and Therapist)
  • Australian Medical Council (under registration process)
  • Australian Reiki Connection (Member and Therapist)
  • Colombian General Physician Association (Member)
  • International Committee of the Red Cross
  • ABN 97117093013